Friday, June 5, 2015

Bagged and Skeined

Abigail said she needed a project bag for her knitting, too.  I can take care of that.
She is currently liking pink and purple.  Stash is a wonderful thing to dive into when it yields just the right stuff. 
After I got the bag finished and in the package to Georgia, I pulled some yarn to dye because this caught my eye when I was looking for fabric.  I was given 5 skeins so I decided to do some over-dyeing since this washed out pumpkin just wasn't what I wanted. 
Into my designated crock pot I added some hot water, white vinegar and a teaspoon of dye and then my two skeins of yarn which I had wound into a loose skein so it would be better able to absorb the dye.  I turned it on high for an hour, then just left it to cool and completely exhaust the dye...several hours later I had some gorgeous yarn without any dye rinsing out of the yarn!  Yes! 
From melon to this is a color to make me happy!  It just might be a pair of slippers!
(I even like the melon better now that it is next to the green!)


  1. Wow!!! I never thought of doing that. I am always lamenting the lack of good colors in the new Lopi line-my favorite go-to winter wool.

  2. That's a fun project -- rather empowering! :)

    Abigail will be delighted!


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