Friday, July 31, 2015

Going on an Adventure

I worked on the little boy doll on the way to Kelly State Park today.
Bill and I used to take the kids there when they were young so it was nice to go today with their families!   
It was so much fun to go to the source of the spring and float all the way down to the swimming area!
The kids-all of them, had a wonderful time! 
My camera SD card was left home in my computer and so I could take only two photos!  It was so hard!  But this is just one of the down time ways the kids played-in the 'nest' of the raft!  We have decided to make this an annual trip!


  1. Oh wow, never heard of this place. Warm springs? I'm there! Got to give it a try

  2. We used to go there when Stephen was little! He had a great time. We used to hike back on the trails and in the runs you could find pre-historic shark's teeth. You just had to be careful where you walked with the little ones. There was some quicksand back there too.

  3. Looks like fun. No sharks to worry about there!

  4. What fun! Hopefully we can join you one of these years! :)

  5. We might have to look into that. Just hit Daytona about 1 hour ago. Now to rest from the 14 hour trip down!

  6. The knit dolls and the kid dolls are super cute. That sounds like the type of park my family would love. A great day, sorry that you couldn't take more photos, but honestly it seems like there was too much fun to be had anyhow!


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