Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our Florida Thanksgiving

If you are reading this, I am so grateful you are a part of my blogging family!
God blesses me in so many ways and the blog connections are certainly an important part of my life!
To those closer to my home, we were able to share the long awaited feast....the younger crowd and 
The rest of us!   This year is the off year for our big family gathering, so we invited some friends to round out the day with Middle Son and his family.  Our new Pastor and his family joined us and we were kept hopping with the kids so they couldn't be homesick!
After dinner, the kids went in for a swim.  The water was a chilly 80* so none of the dads went in with them but they were the lifeguards on duty! 
While the girls went in for craft time!  We didn't have enough time to finish because the kids got blue lips too quickly but we did enjoy our decisions and arranging until they joined us again!
The two halves have to be glued together with a tie in between so it can be hung on the Christmas tree next month!  We have made ornaments on Thanksgiving for decades so it is a well established tradition and it was nice to share it today! 
We wrapped up the evening with a bonfire and then came in for a game of cards.
It was a perfect day!


  1. That sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving celebration!

  2. What a crowd. I had six and I can't move from exhaustion. It looks like you put on quite a celebration. Swimming and a bonfire. Now that is just perfect.

  3. Glad you filled your table with loved ones and friends! Now rest today. :)

  4. happy thanksgiving to you and yours! over here there's nothing between halloween and christmas - and I saw the first christmas tree in a porch yesterday:( way too soon for me, but on the other hand - we'll celebrate the first advent sunday this weekend! where did the year go?
    I hope none of the swimmers caught a cold...:)


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