Monday, December 7, 2015

A Good Start to the Week

Yesterday we went to the church Matthew and Ashley attend for their Christmas program. 
They were Mary and Joseph!  Ashley is due in ten days so they were all chuckling that she didn't go in early and mess up the plans! lol 
Matthew does not have a beard usually but he kept it going to be in character.  Will hated to have his Dad with longer hair!  As long as Matthew kept the wig off, Will would hug him!  Too funny. 
The wristers are finished!  Very soft in BFL, pattern by Sivia Harding. 
I have to move the quilt frame back against the wall but I had to finish the quilt first!  I only had two more rows so it didn't take long today.  ( I have to convert the studio and put some guests in there to sleep during Christmas week when all of my kids come home for Christmas this year!) 
I have the other ornaments out of the embroidery line in my 'factory' and into the waiting for ribbons and hangers' line! 
I cast on a sock in some more of the yarn I spun during TDF;  it is superwash wool.


  1. What wonderful Christmas memories! Amazing array of projects as always. You go girl!

  2. Oh how cute! I love the costumes :)

  3. Interesting sock color! Can't wait to see how they stripe along.


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