Thursday, July 14, 2016

You have the Floor....

We messed up our room big time this morning.
We shoved the bed way out of the way and rolled up the rug and padding.
Two years ago, the bathroom shower sprung a leak in the pipe and water seeped under the wall into our closet and even into our bedroom floor.
Our beautiful laminate flooring was rippled to put it mildly. 
The dressers were slid on cardboard into the hall to give us room! 
Then the scary part began!  See, the problem with ripping out only part of the flooring means you have that one final piece that you can't angle and slide into place like all the other pieces.
We had a general plan and right at the end, it all came together! 
We left the moldings and closet door, dressers and finishing touches until morning.... 
...but the flooring is finished!
It is so nice and smooth and covers the closet again.
No more tripping danger from the ripples!
It was a lot of hard work but another great project (almost) done!


  1. I've got that problem in the bedroom too but not from water. It seems one edge did not go down right in the initial lay so it's all been coming up leaving what is now a giant hole. I am NOT up for a big job like that so I'm just walking over it carefully.

  2. You guys did a great job! Wanna come down here and lay down OUR new flooring?????

    You deserve to take the rest of the day off and just have some FUN!

  3. Water leaks always scare me. I am so glad it was a (relatively) easy fix.


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