Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week Finished......

I have been this close to the finish line all week literally and figuratively.  
I have almost fallen off the planet!
It has been a hard week to put it mildly. 
Good news and smiles among the tears, though:
I made a new friend-a real live one-she was knitting at the pain clinic doctor's waiting room also.
Of course, we talked but it went deeper than polite conversation
 and then she came to visit this week, too!
It was an oasis in the middle of this desert week!
Another highlight!  My neighbor, Millie, and I went shop hopping for the Florida Shop Hop to local and not so local quilt shops!  This year you receive a free block printed with a Florida light house or bridge.  It was a wonderful day!  We will be planning another shop hop in a few weeks.
I taped this pattern to the window for a light box so I could place my fabric over it and then glue the little applique pieces in place . 
Then I iron them nice and flat and it dries the glue so I can stitch with invisible thread.
Eight blocks almost complete 
They are all in their place but I need to sew them all around.
I am still enthralled with this quilt! 
On the knitting front, I have this man's sock done with the zig zag sock blank left over yarn.
I added a second color heel so that I would be sure I had enough of the other for a pair.
It is looking like I might have had enough but I didn't need the added stress of wondering the whole time I was knitting.  I listened to the yellow light in my head this time!
Look at this pineapple!
I grew it from a pineapple top so long ago (2 yrs to be exact)
We cut it off so the wildlife would not get it first! 
The good news is the plant has a whole new shoot to grow another one!
I can't wait to chow down on the fruit of my labor!
Here's to a new week on every level!


  1. Wow, the medallion quilt just gets more and more stunning. And the pineapple is amazing -- can't wait to hear how it tastes!

  2. cool, homegrown pineapples! I'm glad about blackberries, never mind pineapples:) I do hope that this week will be better for you healthwise than the last though!

  3. The appliqué quilt is very pretty. I like tumbler quilts. I hope you enjoy your pineapple.

  4. Oh, my heart. When I look at your quilting projects I get all a-flutter. They are so beautiful. And as for that shop hop...heaven. We don't have any shops to hop to around here.

    Mmmm...fresh pineapple. We had sweet and sour tofu last night with our own green peppers.
    Feel better, if that's what your troubles may be.

  5. I really never believed that pineapple top crop worked. Oh my gosh. How fun.
    Tumble tumble tumble , blues and reds are so patriotic and lovely

  6. I'm so sorry you had a not-so-good week. Hope things are looking better soon.

    Isn't growing a pineapple FUN. We grew one a few years ago. A possum or raccoon bit the stalk before the pineapple was fully grown. We ate in anyway was very small, but still very tasty!

  7. I'm sorry it was such a crap week. I really hope for better days ahead. I'm glad you found something and someone positive in the midst of it all!

    Can we please talk about your pineapple? Please? I did a double take while reading that you grew it. Holy hotpants that is SO cool!

  8. Oh my gosh, your pineapple brought back a childhood memory. I haven't thought about planting a top in years. I'm going to do it this week! Thanks!

  9. You can do that? Grow a pineapple yourself? Does it work in Central Indiana???? Love the quilt! It will be gorgeous!


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