Friday, July 22, 2016

Ideas and Hugs

Completed!  I had such fun with this quilt every step of the way.  I learned a lot when piecing the curves and points, and how to make the quilt float.  I am usually more subtle with the quilting thread but I went with the purple this time and just had fun! 
Speaking of fun, I  was reading an article about over-dyeing black and white fabric which made me think of this black and white t-shirt I had but rarely wore.
I dug it out and soaked it then rung it out and hung it in the bathtub.
Out with the t-shirt dyes and just let the colors drip down.  I squirted the top first, then the middle and the bottom last so the colors could drip and blend.  It will be worn a lot more now! 

I needed to card up some more wool for today's spin.
It is such a relaxing job to tease open the washed wool and feed it through the carder.
I always card my batts three times-each time peeling the batt into three sections to run it through the carder again and again.  The third time you really see a difference and it removes more debris and shorter pieces from the final batt.
I have a two ounce batt to spin today and one for tomorrow. 
But I interrupt this puttering to play with these weekend visitors!
Ella and I enjoyed making some brownies-this girl loves her chocolate!


  1. I like how the quilting lines echo the shape of the colored pieces.

    Ella is adorable! It's obvious she loves making brownies with her Grandmother.

  2. That photo of Ella is precious!
    The quilt is amazing as is the tee shirt project. Who would have thought of that?
    I've got carding to do too. I just wish I could do it outside but it's HOT.

  3. that's a great idea for the t-shirt! and I love how the quilt turned out - vibrant colours, but not too "in your face"! and Ella covered in chocolate - says it all:) can't believe how much she has grown! soon she'll take over the baking and you can sit and watch!

  4. The quilt is stunning. A real masterpiece! And oh, what a great way to up=date your t-shirt.

  5. Adorable shirt. Too adorable child. Let her lick the spoon ......I wish I was that age and could eat like that again!


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