Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Highlights

After church yesterday we had a swim and then an ice cream cone for a treat
I sat down to enjoy it, Ella joined me and then Eli backed up and sat down-he is wanting to be social now and it was wonderful to savor! 
Saturday morning the guys took the kids outside to stack some wood-Cassandra and I took the opportunity, rare as it is, to do a quick sewing project.  We made a sport skirt with a cotton ribbed waistband.  We got it done just as Caleb knocked on our window to come out.... 
To see what he found at the bottom of the wood pile!
After a quick jump back, he and Bill assessed it, deemed it non-venomous and so he tried to catch it!
(Just for a good relocation!)
It was s5'3" long-a rat snake.  Great for killing rodents but also known as a chicken snake because it will empty nest boxes of eggs!
The kids did touch it finally but they were not glad to see this guy.
We watched it slither away into the woods!
(It was quite aggressive which surprised us.  It coiled, struck and shook its tail to prevent Caleb from catching it....pretty sneaky to mimic a rattler!)


  1. Cool Snake. WOWza. DOnt think i would have picked it up!
    The skirt is just the best ! Cute and wearable to everything

  2. Love the people and the project but THE SNAKE IS NASTY!!! I appreciate the benefits of having them around, but they still give me the willies! 😮

  3. Whoa...that's one big snake. I've only seem itty bitty ones here this year. The ones the cat bring home. Ugh.
    Cute skirt. How clever to be able to whip one up like that!

  4. That's a long one......we had a baby in the pool a few weeks ago. Yes, VERY aggressive. I told Steve the snake had Napoleon Syndrome .....little guy, big ATTITUDE! LOL

    Looks like you had a grand time with the grands. Doesn't matter, big or small, ice cream cones are GREAT!


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