Saturday, July 16, 2016

Uphill and Then Down

The hexagon quilt is zipping right along on the frame.  I have only 15" left to do!
I am loving the piecing on the Medallion quilt!  I really went ahead of schedule on this and didn't save it for each month like I thought but I am savoring each step and liking what I get! 
We stop by this surprise blueberry bush that sprang up in the midst of the crepe myrtle bush.
We have anxiously waited for the berries to ripen and get dark. 
Sad to say, this is a wild bush and it does NOT have sweet berries.
They are horribly bitter.
Such a disappointment.
The birds aren't even picking it clean. 
Speaking of disappointments, I am spinning some silk hankies that I had dyed several years ago.
I tried knitting right from this but didn't love the experience. 
I am remembering why I put this away!
I stick my finger in the middle of the silk square and pull it into a very long narrow strip and then further stretch (attenuate) it for spinning.
I have the blister to show for this work!
It is slow and tortuous work but I will get it finished this time.
The TDF is mountainous terrain this weekend so I am pushing myself to do something extraordinary to reflect this.  I will reward myself with some lovely wool when I am finished!


  1. The quilting on the hex quilt is stunning! Love the curves and swirls against the geometric faces of the hexagons.

    Laughing that you worked ahead on the medallion quilt...

    Sorry about these berries -- what a disappointment!

    And lastly, I remember how painful (literally) the silk was for you to work with -- but it sure is pretty! Can you put a slippery bandaid on the spots that blister, so the silk slides without burning your skin?

  2. I love the quilt pattern on the hexagon quilt. Both are looking real good. I was wondering what blueberries grown in FL would taste like. Maybe the soil here is too alkaline. I remember as a kid, in upstate NY going up into the hills and eating wild blueberries right off the bush. Best blueberries ever.

  3. The hexagon quilt is gorgeous --- loving that sunny yellow!

    So SILK shall be YOUR mountain. It does look pretty spun up.

  4. Nice job on the quilting of the Hexagon Quilt!!

  5. It's beautiful, sorry it's not a a happy spin.

  6. I have a box of halfspun hankies too. It was a miserable experience as it caught on my hands and flew up my nose. My MDSW wool this year has silk in it and I am not enjoying spinning it on my drop spindle because of all the little clumps in it. I am not a fan of silk anymore-unless someone else has done all the work!
    The medallion quilt is just the most gorgeous thing. That's my idea of perfect.

  7. Your medallion quilt is amazing. It all fits together so exactly using those complex blocks. I'm impressed. Have a good week and hope your hands stay in shape after the spinning.

  8. Very pretty medallion quilt. I hope you are having fun with the wool.


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