Monday, June 26, 2017


 Some strips in a box and a chance word by a quilting friend and this is what happens!
 Several triangles together look like friends.....
 and organized in different ways inspires just one more block to come off the machine bed!
I don't know how many blocks I can produce from these scraps but I will do something fun with them and it is good brain exercise, right!?
I will be making more during the Monday afternoon quilting group!


  1. That one looks HARD!!! LOL

    The colors are lovely together.

  2. Whoa....that's some crazy piecing!!!

  3. What a great geometric plan. I love how it all comes together! Bit by bit and what a finish

  4. Triangles. Never saw any as cool as those. As always, I envy your sewing skills1

  5. That's the thing I love about quilting - so many options!

  6. Equilateral triangles and piecing -- not a typical combination! Very fun! (Are some of those fabric scraps from the quilt for soldiers we did years ago?!)


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