Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Solstice Bloom!

 During the day I finished piecing some more flannel squares.  I was bored with the straight setting of the squares so put them on point!
 When I was finished, I squared up the outer edge-I have two more little tops set out like this left to do!
 During the day, I could see the bloom growing and expanding!  I knew tonight was the night!
 Sure enough-by nine o'clock it was beginning to open!
 When I went out at eleven, it was a torrential downpour!  It didn't stop me!
I needed to capture this event! 
 As I was up close for the photo session, Bill shone the flashlight from the porch!  The aroma was heavenly even with the hard rain pounding away!  As I am getting soaked, Bill yells that there is another bloom on the other side of the plant!!
 I couldn't believe it!  Another full bloom about a day ahead of the one on the other side!  See the shape?  This is why it is called the Dutchman's Pipe-it is about 12" from stem to flower tip!
  It is indeed amazing-so intricate and delicate looking yet hardy enough to hold up to the driving rain last night.  It was worth it to be up and sopping wet to see this incredible event!


  1. Gorgeous flower - was hoping you would show it opened. And the quilt is really pretty too.

  2. That is a stunning flower. I've never heard of it. It is so pretty in the dark.
    Turning your quilt on point really perks it up!

  3. Beautiful flower .......and wow! Glad you were able to catch it IN BLOOM!

  4. your dutchman's pipe is so incredible. NEVEr heard of one. I may have to look into planting one. HOw fun that you caught it in bloom and you got to smell that fragrance

  5. Oh, look at that pretty thing! I could just picture you out in the rain with it and had to laugh. I would have done it too.

  6. Wow! That flower is amazing! Did it wilt the next day?

  7. That bloom is incredible, so gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful! I hope I get to see one with you someday!


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