Wednesday, June 21, 2017


 I am ready to turn the heel on sock 2-it is going much faster as usual on the second one!
 My night blooming Cerius is preparing to bloom!  It swells each day noticeably!
 And then the curl up of the bloom-this is why it is commonly called the Dutchman's Pipe!
 See how the end is filling with the flower?!  I check it every night so I won't miss it!
 I have sewn all the piles of men's suit fabric into tops and measured them so I will be able to purchase the right amount of fleece for the backing.
 And now I have started in on the pile of flannel that has been cut up into squares and waiting for me for a few years!  Little quilts will be completed soon!
And another very exciting bloom I am waiting for-the Lifesaver Cactus is going to not only flower but there are two!  Just wait until you see these!


  1. I love that sock! (Just printed out the pattern the other day.) Your plants are so interesting - can't wait to see the flowers in bloom.

  2. Fascinating plants: I'm eager to see the blooms.

    Gladys #2 is as beautiful as #1.

  3. Hey, I see familiar pajama fabrics in those stacks... :). I don't think I've seen the Lifesaver Cactus bloom -- it's already very pretty.

  4. I do love your Gladys socks. Those grays are perfect for the pattern.

  5. Those are neat flowers - can't wait to see them in full bloom.

  6. Whoa....your progress on that sock is amazing!

  7. You are absolutely GIFTED in getting things to bloom.

    The men's suiting pieces look so nice sewn up together.

  8. YOUr blankets are looking great. Beautiful blooms.


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