Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Paper Piecing

 I used some leftover jelly roll strips and used them in to make these little blocks (6  1/2" )  .  They will be used to make another baby quilt!
 I begin with this printed paper and a bit of folding and pressing and sewing -repeat until I have covered all the area on the block.
 I made a lovely nest of strips to chose from and the only rule is to keep the center the same fabric each time!  A quick little block when I leave it there to add a strip each time I walk through the studio!
 I have a swatch........I am contemplating a little sweater for me.  It is fingering weight,  baby llama content.  The yardage is at the limit of the pattern which is why I am hesitating;  this yarn was gifted to me ages ago and there is no more if I run out!  Extreme knitting.   I think my safety net will be the length of the sleeves-they might be shorter is all and that is doable!

During nap time , there was a thunderstorm that blew through and so I sat and painted a little card!  


  1. I love the little bee fabric you chose for the center. That's going to be such a joyful little quilt.

  2. It sounds relaxing to sketch and paint through a thunder storm - the resulting card painting is lovely.

    What colorful blocks for a baby quilt - a good use of scraps.

  3. Love your lighthouse card! WOW
    quilters always always amaze me

  4. Love your card!! and the color of the yarn for your sweater is so pretty. Shorter sleeves work - especially in the summer. That will be one joyful quilt when complete!

  5. I tried that sort of paper piecing once with Daddio and it was fun. Yours look great!
    Your watercolor skills amaze me. I've been diddling with it myself but it's HARD!!!!

  6. Have I ever told you how much I love green and pink together? One of my favourite colour combos

  7. That golden color will be just beautiful on you! The lighthouse painting reminds me of the "cheater" painting we did together years ago -- on the plastic rectangle -- do you remember?! And paper piecing -- you haven't done that since our dragonfly blocks, right? Fun to revisit the technique every once in a while. (One of us still needs to finish her dragonfly blocks...)

  8. Beautiful color for the swatch. Three quarter length sleeves are very fashionable, go with it!


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