Friday, June 16, 2017


 My wild quilt is completed-even washed and dried!  It is 44" x 60".
 I so enjoyed stitching it with a sunburst on every block and squiggles on the borders!  
 For a treat with my share of the tax money, I splurged and bought a new program for embroidery.  My old system no longer worked with the updated computers so I haven't been able to tweak, customize or combine designs.
Now, the embroidery is open for me again and I want to explore embroidery for quilting blocks!
 As a complement to the software, I bought some new embroidery thread!  Lots of shades so the embroidery will have the depth it need for success!
 I organized them in rainbow order, of course!
(I was able to buy both of these products on EBAY, at a price I could afford,
 from the luxury of home-priceless!)
 This isn't a pic of buds but rather the flower head is made up of these tubes and the hummingbirds love them!
 And for the first time, our prayer lily has produced a flower!
Dawn....chasing the boys from dawn to dusk;  from morning cuddles to bedtime snuggles.  It's an art.


  1. Love, love, love that quilt! I just splurged myself this morning and bought a new pricey sewing machine online. It took me two days to get the courage to hit that button but it's on its way!

  2. The sunburst quilting adds a lot of texture to the quilt - it looks great.

    Savor every one of those cuddles and snuggles! They grow up so quickly.

  3. Your quilt is fabulous!! and, love seeing all your threads lined up.

  4. That quilt -- all of its details and the whole -- is just beautiful! The threads are a lovely display, in addition to being useful...exciting for you to have machine embroidery back in your lineup again. The flowers are lovely, too!

    Hugs to the boys from Anya. ❤️

  5. Yay for the prayer lily! Maybe now it will be a regular bloomer.

  6. Your quilt is amazing! Good luck with all the new thread.


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