Thursday, July 13, 2017

Felix Socks

Finished is a pair of Felix socks, 
in honor of the sweet boy Manx belonging to my daughter! 
 (these are for her btw and not for the cat!)
The second duplicate stitching didn't go any easier than the first
 but they look good and are such a sweet touch to the underside of the toe!  
This is the Tuxie Love pattern by Wandering Cat Studio, 
over 64 sts in KnitPicks Stroll yarn.  
The only alteration from the instructions is the heel 
where I used a short row heel.

I have another pair of these on the needles but I am knitting them toe up with a real twist on the toe construction so it will be two stranded knitting to get that paw print on there without duplicate stitching!  Stay tuned!


  1. I love them!!! Thank you for spoiling me with your knitting! 💚 I will have to try to get a picture for you of my socked-feet with Felix...that will be an adventure!

  2. Those are very cute. I think I'd rather do two-color knitting than duplicate stitch.

  3. Val's patterns are amazing. loving your socks! meow!


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