Friday, July 28, 2017

Suiting Quilts and Fruit

 This is why the frame was empty for Millie's quilt the other day....
I finished all the men's suit samples quilts.  
Here are all four lap blankets for the donation pile!
 The banana grove has fully recovered from the Hurricane Matthew.
 In fact, there are three healthy bunches of bananas growing!
Bananas take about 4 months of growth before you can pick them.
 Aren't they interesting?!  It helps waiting when they are so pretty!
From the bananas to the tip of the flower is 3-4'.
 Other signs of the hurricane are still in sight.......
This is one of my favorite Live Oak trees
 and it had the center twisted right out of it! 
 It is unusual for these to lose branches 
but it met its match in the hurricane this time!
We need a day to just cut branches 
and burn up the piles while it is the rainy season!


  1. Your yard must take a lot of time to maintain, but it looks fabulous. You have a wide variety of plants.

  2. Congratulations on the finished lap blankets - great donation. That banana tree is so interesting and pretty. Love all the varied plants you have on your property - thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I love those men's suiting quilts. Most quilts are "sweet" and a bit girly. It's fun to see a more MANLY quilt.

    Do birds/animals eat your bananas before you can harvest them? The deer (in Orlando) would pick our garden CLEAN if given the chance. What the deer didn't get the opossums and raccoons did.

  4. Oh - what it must be like to have bananas in your yard!

    If we had more room here, I'd have a small orchard - a plum tree, an apple tree, a pear tree and a cherry tree. For now I make do with my berries.

  5. The quilts in dark colors are lovely. Manly quilts are a great idea.
    Glad the bananas have recovered. Nature is amazing huh?

  6. The twisting winds of a hurricane can do some crazy damage. Glad that there is recovery with those banana trees. Have a great weekend.

  7. Wow...homegrown bananas! That's just awesome. We still have three big trees down in the yard from Isabelle and Irene. The Mister gave up trying to cut them up as they are black walnut and the wood is hard as a rock. The kitties love them and Pup enjoys climbing on them so it's all good.

  8. Can't wait to see the bananas in person -- they are so fascinatingly pretty. Maybe Dad and David can do some yard work together! :)


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