Friday, July 21, 2017

Alterations and Mending

One of the things about losing weight, is trying to make your old wardrobe still work.  
 I slit the side seams at the waist band of my jeans  and cropped pants
 using my pinking shears to control raveling.
 I overlap the welted seam over the flat fabric until I reduce the waist to fit or to the pocket in this case.
 I am putting in a kind of dart that lies flat and is comfortable.
I do not tuck in my shirts so this seam is never seen.  
The inside looks like a dart-see?!  It is nice to be able to have a bunch of casual pants to wear again!
I did a whole pile of things-do you do your own mending or do you toss things that no longer fit?
I hate to shop so anytime I can keep clothes I already have , it is a win for me!


  1. I'm not a very talented sewist ....I can mend, but not really alter. I am in awe of people that can do these things.

    Unfortunately, when I went on insulin I gained enough weight that some of my clothes are a little bit snug. I'm hoping to remedy that and maybe soon, I'll give altering things DOWN a try.

    P.S. CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss.

  2. I need to do the opposite. No matter what I do I can't seem to shed a pound.

  3. Nice job on the alteration! I do mend and alter and keep a pile near my sewing machine when the urge strikes which is sadly not very often.

  4. Well done on the alterations and the weight loss. Good for you. I swear I had a frog like that when I was little, I wonder if I made it is home economics?

  5. Gappy waists...ugh! Glad you are reclaiming your wardrobe!


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