Thursday, July 27, 2017

Charms and Jungles

 A new charm pack of has so much potential....
This one has four pieces of each fabric 
so I could use them to make something special.
 I quartered each 5" square of fabric, 
added a half square triangle to two of the squares,
 and sewed them back together! 
 Randomly, they are pretty all mixed up.
 But the fun thing about these shapes 
is you can also make recognizable blocks out of them, too! 
 I generally like order instead of random (chaos) 
so I will see how this little quilt turns out!
 My neighbor, Millie, also brought over a baby quilt she had pieced. 
 I loaded it right up on the frame!
 And give me a few hours and I had it finished with an allover pantograph!
 Didn't she pick the cutest fabrics?  The banana border is a great touch!
And the backing is just right, too!   
It is nice to have a quick project for the frame!


  1. I love a good charm pack! That's a pretty one. The monkey quilt is so much fun. Any child would love it!

  2. Sweet charms and an adorable baby quilt!

  3. Love the charm pack! and love the baby quilt! You're making me really want to get back to my sewing!!! I've almost got my studio back in order... I'm just waiting for Mom to help me install the old '49 Singer Dave brought home from his Grandma's - Mom refurbished the machine and Dave refinished the desk it was in. I've been rearranging and reorganizing the studio so I can use it. It does nothing but straight, zigzag and reverse, so it's just perfect for me.

  4. What a cute quilt! Love the border and backing especially.

  5. There are so many steps to the quilting process. I am always amazed by you and Nancy and others who quilt . And the monkey s are so cute on the fabric

  6. THe quilts are wonderful. Good for you restoring the chair and washing those rugs of your grandmother's, they look wonderful.

  7. It is amazing how quilting changes the look of the fabric from okay to WOW! (I guess it's sort of like backstitching on cross stitch).

  8. I love the look of charm-pack pretty, coordinated so perfectly. Millie's quilt is adorable -- love the bananas border!


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