Thursday, July 20, 2017


 As I approached the finish line for the  second pair of the Tuxie Love socks, 
I heard that funny voice that's awful narrow.
Oh, yeah, what was I thinking?! 
 I checked the math and the chart-remember,
 I was trying to find a way to KNIT in the paw print
 on the underside of the toe on toe up socks, 
 and for some reason I cast on only 56 stitches 
which I haven't done on socks with my recent yarns 
and my smaller needles for almost a year now!
I ripped it all out.  
Even the changes I had made to the chart-
it was all smaller and more delicate-gone!
 The additional paw print on the heel-gone. 
The pretty ribbing in grey knits and white purls-gone.
 BUT I figured out the non-magic loop method for casting on toe-up socks
 and then I could easily knit the paw print on the underside of the toe! 
 I cast on the half of the total number of sock stitches-32 in this instance
 and then proceeded to knit a short row heel so to speak! 
 I was knitting back and forth,  so it was simple to knit in the paw print!  
When I came back to the other side of the toe, 
I merely picked up stitches from the cast on edge and continue in the round now to knit up the foot!  
I am thrilled with the updated version-I knew it could be done.   
AND if you don't understand a word of what I just said,
 just be happy for me that I am successful! lol
Speaking of frogs, I found just the right buttons for this guy's eyes! 
 The larger buttons are yellow that perfectly match his belly
 and the upper black button is faceted to be reminiscent of the old buttons I had to replace.
   I am thrilled! 
( He just needs the mouth to be stitched on 
but I am thinking I will not do that.........those red stitches were kind of creepy!)


  1. Froggy could just be the QUIET kind of froggie that doesn't NEED a mouth. P.S. He's ADORABLE!

    So glad you were able to work out your sock. Looks GREAT!

  2. Oh, no....ripping out all that work is no fun. Froggie is just perfect after his tune up!

  3. Love Froggie's eyes - PERFECT! And your revised socks are great.

  4. I'm so glad you got the mods figured out- even if you did have to frog in the end.
    Love the sock in the grey and white. I've had two grey and white tuxie cats in my lifetime! (I've had a lot of cats over the years!)

    I think froggy is fine without a mouth. I love that you were able to restore him.

  5. Sometimes a frog can be a good thing! Your socks are adorable. The frog, em, not so much. Just not a frog person.

  6. I'm glad you were able to find a method to work the paw print toe and heel, but having to frog ALL that work makes me a bit light-headed. I hope the second version goes smoothly and fits like a glove.

    Love the frog and his new eyes.

  7. That frog is perfect as is, he already looks like he is smiling!

  8. That frog is perfect as is, he already looks like he is smiling!

  9. Cindy, Please email me your email address please! for the swap. Thanks Kathy b

  10. Those eyes look great -- I think Grandma Coon would approve! Your feelings on the mouth make me laugh...


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