Saturday, July 8, 2017

Snippets of Saturday

 I have finished my little ort blocks and arranged them on point for a little crib blanket!
  Now ALL the scraps from this little jelly roll are used up!
 I also pulled the four little quilts off the frame
 and hope to bind three of the today.  
The fourth quilt I bound the way my Gram did;  by folding the backing around to the front and then top stitching it. 
 I was going to do this with all of them 
but forgot to leave enough room around each little quilt 
so I would have enough backing to to it!
I did have enough of the backing to cut up into strips 
so I can bind them the usual way!
 See this open space at the end of the back around where Bill parks his truck?
It has had this lawn ornament parked there for 8 years and it is finally moved!
He rolled the 'deal' purchase off the trailer all those years ago 
and it sat ever since.
He worked all week and put tires on it,
 worked on the engine and replaced all its fluids. 
 It was so nice to hear it fire up and MOVE!
It still needs some work so it will sit over there for a while, I'm sure,
but it is out of my visual and that is a very good thing!


  1. That is just how my grandmother bound her quilts and how I used to do it before it became fashionable to have a contrasting edge!

  2. The quilts are looking wonderful as are your socks from the last post. Glad the piece of machinery got fixed up and moved. Have a great Saturday.

  3. The white blocks with green in the middle are perfect for bringing all the blocks together - clever idea!

    My brother used to drag his equipment treasures into my Mom's yard. It took her years to get him to move them. Enjoy your new view.

  4. The ort quilt turned out nicely. On point really gave it a twist.

    The baby blanket quilts look SO soft and that turn over binding is very pretty.

  5. you have rather weird lawn ornaments:) I wouldn't be happy to have that thing sitting in my garden either - but we do have far less acreage than you...
    I think the scrap quilt turned out very pretty - I love the green stripes effect in the middle! but the flannels are nice too, someone will be very glad to have a snuggly miniquilt to cuddle!

  6. Aren't we funny creatures with our purchases that sometimes sit and sit? I have a pretty sock yarn fingering purchase that' s a few years old and it just sits and sits. Glad the tractor got moved for your sake. Love the crib Quilt

  7. I love the quilt. And I especially love your tag. How did you get that???

  8. Those pastels remind me of cotton candy...yum! :) It's always fun and inspiring to see someone accomplish a longtime UFO of any sort -- hooray for Dad!


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