Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rest and Restoration

 I've slowly been putting the wrought iron bench back together.  
The boards had rotted right out and so I took the opportunity to paint it (taupe and spots of green for a faux weathering look).  
Bill cut new boards for me today.   
Now to stain and seal them . 
 Then we will have to drill the bolt holes in each one
 so we can secure them in place!  
Did I mention it is a slow project!?!
 As for the restoration-I have had these hooked rugs 
my Gram made from the 1960's and 70's.   
Due to a cat indiscretion, I had took the opportunity to do some maintenance on them and give them a right proper bath! 
 I washed them in the tub and said farewell to some vintage dirt! lol 
 After washing and rinsing until clear,  
I spun them in the washer 
and hung them over the pole of my quilting frame to dry!  
It was back breaking work 
but oh-so-worth-it to have them bright and clear again! 
 (The discolorations in this rug are variations of yarn and not cat stains!) 
This one has had a hole in the center for ages. 
 After washing, even as careful as I was, 
the hole is larger and another one showed up nearby.
I have a plan! 
 I have some fabric to back it under the holes 
which I will hand sew in place.  
Then, if I can find some matching Aunt Lydia's rug yarn 
which is what my grandmother used, 
I will hook in the gaps to set is all to rights again!
Stay tuned!


  1. The rugs are gorgeous! I'm glad you're using them and I'm sure your grandmother would be happy about that, too.

  2. The wrought iron restoration is fantastic. Good job. Team effort!
    The rugs are so beautiful. I'm sure it was tough to deep clean them. What beautiful rugs though!!! Now no more cat issues, for either of us!

  3. Aren't they just beautiful!!! I would have been terrified to wash them but they came out perfect. Daddio always used Aunt Lydia wool for his latch hooked rugs. He would cut it up himself. He hated the pre-cut acrylic.

  4. Oh gosh! Those rugs are drop dead gorgeous! I wish I had some that my grandmother made....

  5. It so nice that you have some of your Gram's needlework. What a treasure.

  6. Wow, I don't ever ever seeing these rugs in these colors -- how exciting! They have always been beautiful, but this transformation is just "wow!"


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