Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back to the Nest

 So nice to come back with my family.  I arrived home in time for my baby sister's birthday and we had a family cookout!
We are the three fledglings...
I had a knitting emergency on the plane when I decided to change the pattern for the sock I was knitting; I chose the Zigzagular socks which then required a cable needle.   I tried it without said needle and couldn't keep the stitch pinched in place.  I ended up looking in my purse for something and came up with this!  It worked great!  Since we had 6 more hours of travel time than planned due to mechanical difficulties, I was not going to just sit there with nothing to do!
It worked fine and I had a completed sock when I hit the ground in NY!


  1. I love it: knitters are innovators!

  2. I have to remember that if I ever need one - usually DS has a few lollies with him:) if all else failed I could probably come up with a hairpin in my hand luggage... whatever it takes to keep knitting:)

  3. Ingenuity to the rescue!! I would likely have just eaten the sucker when faced with the dilemma though. LOL

  4. If I had been with you, I would have sacrificed and eaten the lollipop for you so you'd have had a more balanced stick! Lol. Great idea to solve your problem, anyway! Enjoy family time!


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