Friday, August 4, 2017

Color and Lushness

 I embroidered this little onesie for my newest  great-niece!  It was a tight squeeze to get it into the hoop and under the needle but it finally worked out! 
It was nice to be able to deliver it in person-
                              I will share a picture of her in it in a few days!                          
 Here is a great view of my parent's home from the point of view of this Heliopsis.
 This clump of them are 7' tall!  Just beautiful!
 This year the chipmunks didn't destroy the clematis!
 And all the rain has produced a bumper crop of hydrangea!
There is such a variation of blues within the bush....
I'm going to be sketching this scene and doing some watercolor soon!
(Just between the garage and thee house is a building-it's my sister's house so that will be a neat view to include!)
My sister-in-law brought me this little music box with an upright spinning wheel (also called a castle wheel) with a distaff holding the linen!
It is going up on my treasures shelf when I get home!


  1. That music box is realistic. I thought it was a real wheel at first and wondered what you were up to!

  2. Overload of cuteness. THE onesie is the cutest i think Ive ever seen.
    The music box is such a lovely gift . Have a great weekend !!!!

  3. What a fascinating gift - treasure.

    My mom had a lot of Heliopsis in her yard, too - such a happy plant.

  4. I hope you are having a fabulous time with your family. Enjoy every moment.

  5. I like this new point of view you have with an ever-watchful-watercolor-artist's eye -- fun! I thought along the same lines as Araignee -- I wondered how you were going to get a new wheel home! What song does it play?

  6. Those flowers!!!! Gorgeous. I so want a hydrangea, just need to bite the bullet and buy one, but I am so not a green thumb! Love the onesie, so cute.

  7. Looks like your parents have a lovely spot!


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