Thursday, July 26, 2007

Empty Nest/Full Heart

Today our youngest child moved out to share an apt with his big brother. Their jobs are in the same town so it is a nice move for both of them. They have both moved out before but I think this move is the final one - have you experienced this, too? This time the move-outs were happy and mature events; we have prepared them for this since birth, right!? I knitted on the way there and back-the way I verify all occasions in my life-so many events are marked by a particular project that are like memorials to me-even if it just looks like a sock, scarf, sweater, etc. to is today's project-the sock I am making for Favorite Socks KAL.


  1. Wow, my sock is looking good! :-) Aren't you grateful for such an effective and yet productive coping tool ?!

  2. Ok, perhaps you can answer a question for me. When you live in FL what does one knit for oneself/children? It seems most of the stuff ends up at the post office for a trip north. -Jessa


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