Monday, July 30, 2007

Picked Fresh from the Garden

Isn't the color breath-taking! This is a crossed cherry tomato in my daughter's garden-when we saw the color-all swirls of yellow and orange-we knew we had a picture that had to be taken. The wool I handspun is a hand-dyed superwash from an EBay store, Jenya Loves Fibers, and it spun like a dream. The sock is a free pattern posted on Turtlegirl's blog called the Red Dwarf Socks. This was my first time knitting toe-up socks and it was a new challenge. Think about all the lace patterns you have tried cuff to toe and now imagine the pattern going the other way.........what creative possiblilities!


  1. Those feet look familiar. Are they your's by any chance Marsel? I love the color. -Jess

  2. No, not mine...although they look long due to the angle of the picture, they're actually my mom's (cute) little feet! (Sorry, Mom, I couldn't think of a different adjective!)

  3. They look great! Fabulous job! And handspun makes them even cooler.

  4. Cindy, We are so proud of you, the way you always rise to any challenge. Blogging no less!


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