Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Homecoming Trip

Bill and I do manage to enjoy each other's company! While covering the long miles of the trip home we get silly, get grouchy, hungry and needful of a Rest Area.....we smile a lot , discuss solutions to the world-at-large and reflect on the lives of our children and where they are in their lives ( I don't mean geographically either!) and generally just appreciate the life in which God has blessed us.

It is good to have such a block of time to spend together.

I am usually knitting while Bill does all the is the first sock I finished -the yarn is not yet spun for the second so the next day of travel I started a pair for David from some left over yarn I had packed.

It is good to be home, too.

Fond memories to all our Skin-Friends who have had to become Screen-Friends again ........until our next visit.


  1. All of those years of driving between NY and FL in the big old station wagon full of four kids -- did you ever try to imagine making the same trip in a new, quiet car with just the two of you?!

    I have such great memories of those trips back then and I am so glad that you and Dad are getting to enjoy these same but different trips now!

  2. You must let me know the secret of how to get one's husband to do all the driving! You are blessed! Mr. M. hasn't seemed to age since we were kids, he looks just the same. -Jessa

  3. you are lucky to enjoy each other's company so much!

    i am too, and my husband loves to do the driving also!

    thanks for my wrist comment, it's getting better and i only have 3 more weeks og the brace to go.

    love your orange sock :-)


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