Thursday, August 30, 2007

Road Blocks

Where have I rip-out has been very frustrating!

I can usually knit anywhere, anytime but that did not work for this second sock of waving lace pattern! The pattern is wonderful, the yarn is delightful in color and feel, the brain and fingers are not focused and it shows. I knit this while in the car and was doing the lace pattern from memory and I am no longer as good at hearing and thinking at the same time anymore.......most of the sock I ripped out was done on an hour and half car trip and then when visiting. It didn't work, okay. I will sit in near silence tonight and knit and hopefully regain the lost and lost-again rows.

An update on my namesake goat-she is doing wonderfully and has been upgraded from the nursery stall with her mom into the herd! She looks so cute and energetic--I am secretly marking her for some good spinning fluff next year!


  1. The color of the yarn is beautiful! Is it your own?

  2. The yarn is store bought from Mary Maxim--it is one with aloe and jojoba in the wool called Step-it is going to feel great WHEN I get it done!!!!

  3. Again, why did the stick-to-it gene escape me? Will it develop sometime, when I am older perhaps? Oh well, that's what I have you for, I guess...I always admire your determinedness to make something work.


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