Monday, July 14, 2008

Do It Yourself

I needed some mottled tan fabric for a new wallhanging. Instead of waiting until the end of the week when I will be 'going to town' I decided to do it myself! That is no surprise really, is it? And just look at the is so hot out is dried in just 10 minutes! I am ready to iron it and cut it up!

Speaking of too hot, the cats just dash out for a bathroom call and then lay around beautifully like cats do........
Speaking of cats and too hot.........the bbq is still sitting in the livingroom. I should put up a day counter and see where it leads. Maybe not.

I finished the morning surf is still a bit too short for my taste but I will let it lay around a while and see if I keep it or rip it out and knit it into some fingerless mittens.
It was really fun to knit and blocking it makes it look more like lace and less like bubbles. See how the color defined itself? This is why so many knitters love/hate multi-colored yarn. I like the color puddles.
My orchid is blooming looks so pretty outside. It requires so little care it is easy to forget about it and just enjoy it.
I finished piecing thered and white quilt. I will have to wait to go to the store to buy fabric for the borders for this...........I need a red print. I am thinking it needs a curved border to accent the older looking fabrics. I would machine quilt it with the borders sewn on straight to keep it squared and then cut the curves after it is quilted. So many good ideas.........


  1. All very satisfying works of art!

  2. Wow - what a wonderful scarf! Isn't it fun to dye your own fabric and then use it for a quilt?


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