Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Bit of This and Some of That

I made this for Abigail to match the one I made for Marsel for her beach walk. I did line it for Abigail and sent off a slip for Marsel to add to hers for when she wears it off the beach!

Bill sold his van..........couldn't get much for it at a dealership as a trade-in on a p/u truck so he put it out front to see how it would do-we sold it immediately........being a one car family for the first time ever in our lives is proving interesting! He is going truck hunting tomorrow. Hopefully, he will be successful so we can go out on the boat again-the Yaris just isn't up to the task!
I went to the doctor's today, a surgeon to talk about my gall bladder pain.............after suffering for so many years I found I had gone to the wrong kind of doctors in the past.......this man was quite cheerful about removing mine-says I have classic case of chronic 'gall bladder itis' and since it runs in my family it will be good to remove it before it becomes infected (like my Mom's!) Now that is a novel idea. I have had every test there is to have for the pain I have lived with for 20 years but I finally have some hope for its relief! My daughter was told in the ER when she went in with her gall bladder attack-go and see a surgeon about getting it out-never go to a gastrointeroligist. Well, guess where my pcp had always sent me . BUT at our new doctors I asked to see a surgeon and he said, "Great idea!" It was and will be............I have an appt for next month! Whoopee!
After the doctors we went to have a check-up for our Yaris-dealer gives free oil change and check-ups for life of the car-cool , huh?! Bill dropped me off at JoAnn Fabric Store and I shopped until I dropped...........I got everything on my list so I can finish up quite a pile of things!
We had lunch at Olive Garden and are ready to drop in our easy is hard work being retired!


  1. I'm so glad they told you what you needed to hear, "There is relief". You need to write a post about what you bought at Jo-Ann's.

    - The Old Bag

  2. Hard work, indeed. :)

    "I'm proud of you, I'm proud of you" for finally getting a surgery date -- the interim won't be lots of fun but it will be SO worth it!!!


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