Monday, July 21, 2008

The Last and First Stitches

I have vfinished the sage colored shawl! It is as long as I am tall-a good rule of length for a shawl next time I plan one. This way, it stays on my shoulders because it hangs down far enough on the sides! It is going to be just right for the hazardous a/c occasions we experience! And here is a close-up of the stitches. This is one of the first wools I had spun, a merino from the LYS in Oswego, NY, Northwinds, which has since closed.
I have already started my next project, a kit that I have desired since I first saw it in a magazine after we moved here. It is appropriate for my new environment, don't you think?! This is a pattern and yarn from Morehouse yarns-an on-line store and mill. Can you see what shape the scarf is developing..........? Did you notice the little chocolate candies? One of the best tips I read about in a knitting magazine is using candy to help you keep track of the rows......I need to work even for 4 rows between the 'scale' rows on the gator so I set out 4 chocolates, eat one at the end of each row and when the candy is gone I am done with that repeat! It is a good and useful excuse-Bill does like to share in my 'counting', too!
This is to record progress on the grill-he says that it will get finished today when he has to come in for the afternno when it is too hot to be working outside. I have my camera ready.
No truck yet, but we will need to have one by next week so we can help Matthew move into his new house (still in Ocala) and to help Caleb move into his new house (Lake City)...but there is no pressure Bill. I am rooting for a silver truck but it is a thousand over budget and he backed out on the deal.......what is a thousand when you need a truck?! We will see what the next few days produces. We will soon be hauling building supplies, too because................there is finally some
House progress-----------> we have hired the contractor to pour the concrete for the slab. Another man comes this afternoon to give us an estimate on finishing the paperwork for the permit and to frame up the addition. Things are starting to hop around here-well, it is too hot to hop, how about ripple-that is progress! Really!


  1. Hooray to everything -- lots of accomplishments to report on this one!

    The alligator scarf is a riot!!!

  2. Nice shawl. Longer is definitely better than shorter. I might knit something like that in summer!

    If I were to knit something for myself at this point, it would be knee warmers, my knees never seem to be warm except in bed!


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