Friday, July 29, 2011

Spin a Little More

 I started spinning the lighter color way of bfl fiber-one skein down and the second skein I took out to the pool patio to spin.
 The temperature was very tropical and just a light breeze-very relaxing.
 Nyki tries my lap but doesn't like the double treadle action of my knees and settles down next to my chair.
 I finished the second bobbin, and got it plied while relaxing to a book on my Zen.
 The skein is so soft, all 180 yards of it!
 My bottle brush tree is beginning to bloom!  The color is stunning and the bloom itself is very interesting.
JD enjoyed my company, too, but she remains elusive when the camera comes out-it doesn't help that Nyki chases her away from me if I show any attention to her!  A very nice afternoon.


  1. I still have trouble seeing how you get that amazing yarn from that fleece!

    Did you know that the bottle brush is an Australian native plant?

  2. Fiber, felines, flowers...throw in a little sunshine and it sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  3. It all sounds very relaxing. I bet the kitties are warm in thier fur coats!

  4. It's interesting in the picture of the bobbin with the pool in the background - it looks like the colors all match - aqua, peach and cream.

    Poor kitty. Not fun trying to nap on a lap that is rocking like that.

  5. Love seeing your bottle brush tree!!! We had a huge one in the corner of our yard when I was growing up, and I haven't seen one for years.


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