Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catch up the Blog

Caleb came for a visit and we had rain threatening but made it out for our boat ride and water skiing without a drop!
I started a different kind of knitting project, it is a scarf made from 'yarn' which is 1/2" strip of Tyvek paper-very easy pattern and a decorative scarf results!
Isn't it fun?  Any fun yarn would work for this pattern-I will be trying some more; especially some hand spun.
I loaded the smaller corduroy quilt on the frame-this one doesn't have batting, instead I backed it with some polar fleece to make a comfy quilt.  It is going well.
I dyed two sets of Blue Faced Leicester roving, 4oz each for spinning some sock yarn.
I like to divide the roving into four strips so I can spin each section, ply two together, and then repeat for the other ball so each sock will have its own skein.  This way , I don't have to rewind to divide the one big skein in half for each sock-it works for me...
One skein is done, working on the second!


  1. That yarn turned out in a way I would never have expected looking at the fleece you dyed! Wow! Stunning!

    Glad you got to spend some time with Caleb despite threatening weather.

  2. The yarn is very pretty -- imagine you choosing to work with greens and browns! :)

    Tyvek paper?! Weird!!!

  3. Wondered where you were--glad you were having a good time and not sick. love the way that yarn turned out. Sharon

  4. Very, very pretty sock yarn. I absolutely love that colorway! Maybe because I am ready for fall and it reminds me of the leaves beginning to change.

    So, how does the scarf feel being knit out of paper?

  5. New to your blog. Really enjoying it. Wow, you do it all, don't you? I knit. weave, spin a little, some sewing, beginning quilter, yada, yada, yada... LOL

  6. Love the scarf! REminds me of coral:)


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