Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ups and Downs

 Our mailbox was fatally wounded by a wayward vehicle so we had to replace the box and the post-which was snapped off at ground level!  We had fun building a new mailbox and this time we set it farther back from the road hoping it will reduce the mailbox vandals and crazy drivers!
 I finished the shawl a few days ago but I am not happy with it.  My experience tells me that the hump in the top will not stay blocked out-it is a result of poor design.  I am tempted to just rip it out without blocking but I am waiting to see if cooler thoughts prevail.
 This was a great summer read-a friend of Marsel's loaned it to me when we were there  recently-see if your local library has them.  I couldn't identify with the family dynamics, we are better at voicing ourselves, but the author has a tremendous grasp of human nature and she creates a very realistic set of circumstances that is both endearing and believable!  Go find these books for yourself-there is still time for a good summer (or winter-Lynne) read!
 Last of the corduroy blocks went up on the design wall.  I leave it it for a few days (weeks or months even) to see how the layout  works for me.
This morning I immediately knew what this needed-can you see the difference?  I am pretty sure this will be the final layout.  I have to finish the quilt on the frame but for now-on to yard work while the temps are under a hundred and it has the morning cool out there!!!


  1. Those books look good-will they be headed North eventually? I thought maibox demolition derby was only a northern winter thing--not! Sharon

  2. The second quilt is better (in my opinion).

    Reading, who has time for reading? LOL

    I have to ask, why is there a little flag on US mail boxes (we obviously don't have them in Oz)?

  3. I see damaged mailboxes in our area as well, so it probably happens everywhere.

    Your shawl is beautiful! In the picture it just looks like the center may have stretched out as you were working, because it was heavier / longer. I bet you'll love it once you get it blocked!

  4. I love the colors of your new shawl and you know the hump might block right out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it does;) And if not? Well, I'll enjoy seeing the new pattern!

  5. Hope this mailbox has a much longer life span and without any duct tape love! :)


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