Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pruning Party

Today was the day for pruning all the palm trees-there are 18 large ones and a few young ones in our yard!
Bill uses his pole saw to cut the old growth from the tree and I collect the fallen palm boughs.
Some of them needed a more drastic trim, since we haven't done any pruning for two years.
 It not only looks better, but in this drought it gives the trees less draw on their resources.
We have quite a few date palms in the front yard, they have ferns growing up their sides.  The squirrels got all the dates before they were even ripe this year!
 These two trees in the backyard were only 6 feet tall 4 years ago-now they have doubled that!
A perfect place for the bench, note that it is in the shade-a much needed break in our 100F heat!
 Bill  needed a boost to reach this tree's branches-I put him in the John Deere tractor bucket and raised him up-use your imagination, because there was no way to get a picture of this!
We took a break for lunch and a swim and then right back at the job!
 The trees look so tidy after their haircuts!
 The small trees are trimmed to encourage upward growth-this one will be twice its height in just a few years!
 We had a visitor while trimming....a gopher turtle who would not let me get a picture of his face so
Bill  picked him up-he wasn't very happy about it!
After another swim, we trimmed the cat's tree fort to a more manageable size and then cleaned the pool decking.  What a great and exhausting day!


  1. WOW!!! Everything looks so tidy! It just accentuates the beauty of your place. Definitely a job well done!

  2. I'm glad you have pool to get a balance between work and play!

    Jobs like pruning are so rewarding because you can see immediate results.

  3. And all that done in 100 degrees. I am impressed. No wonder you needed a swim break in the middle of the day. Those trees look very nice all cleaned up, but darn those squirrels anyway! I love dates!!!

  4. Thanks for the virual tour. I feel like I was just there for a visit.You two make a great team! Love, Mom


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