Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dressing Up

 I was on a roll to dress out the two looms I own; the rigid heddle is here with some black and red variegated in tencel thread, being woven in hounds tooth pattern.
 My estimate of twenty minutes left to thread the loom turned into 4 hours but it is DONE and I remember why I haven't warped it in so long.........Every that could have gone wrong-did:  mistake in the reed, mistake in the threading, goof in the stripe area-more threads on one side than the other, and tangling threads......I am putting it out of my mind because I am in the good place-the weaving!  I have woven 10 inches of waffle weave dish towel this afternoon.  The thread is size 3 slub cotton with stripes in left over cotton that was gifted to me from my friend-she found the cone of thread at a garage sale.
 You can see the texture potential as you weave but it will really bloom after it is washed and dried.
 I finished knitting the  hat I started the other night while sitting by the fire.  It has cabling on  four sides, and ate a bit more yarn than I thought it should but that is what happens when you knit with garter stitch;  this will most likely be gifted.
 It is knit in a bulky yarn from KnitPicks, 100% wool so no washer/dryer for this hat. (Pattern is free from Tahki Stacy Charles, Shelter Island Cabled Hat)
I drew out a new pattern for the mittens and know this one will be just right on every level!  The yarn is a single ply of wool, extremely soft and fluid. (Mini Mochi yarn)  Lovely to work with now that I got the bugs worked out!


  1. All your comments about weaving just go over my head but I love looking at the finished product.

    The mittens are looking good and the hat looks toasty warm!

  2. As always, I admire your persistence!

    I like the texture of the dish towels; it even shows up in the picture.

    Abigail's mittens are beautiful; I love how the two colors play off each other so prettily. I still think those yarn colors look yummy enough to eat!

  3. How come you don't "publish" your mitten patterns? I am sure that others would like to knit them, too.

    Poor Cindy. I am sorry that warping your loom took so long and gave you so much hassles. I wish I could have given you a hand with that. Helping students warp looms means I've gotten really good at quickly fixing boo-boos. :)

  4. Your weaving projects look like a lot of fun! I've got to try some textured towels someday, as I love the texture of yours.


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