Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a Frame Up

 Bill is framing the outside area of the fireplace so he can call for an inspection this week.
 I started a pair of mittens for my grand daughter and had to rip it all out for two reasons; the colors started to parallel each other so I lost my contrast  and it was too narrow!  I have redrafted , ripped out and will cast on again tonight with more stitches!
 I am mad at myself for ignoring my loom all year so I counted off a warp this morning and throughout the day have gone in and dressed the loom.  Most of my dislike of warping is the back-breaking work of threading so I decided to lift it onto the bed (thanks, Bill!).  Now I do not have to bend to reach the area I need-bonus, the cats thought it was a great adventure!
 I only have a few threads left and then I will be weaving tomorrow!  Now that part I enjoy!  (This will be a set of waffle weave dish towels.)
 I have quite a pile of quilt tops that are calling me, too.  I brought home one from my Mom she has recently made and an old top a friend inherited that needs to be completed; the others are from my neighbor!  Under the pile is a collection of fat quarters that are calling me to put them in a quilt also!
What can you do with an empty salsa jar, Popsicle stitcks, raffia and 'leaves' and a hot glue gun?  How about a candle holder just in time for the Autumn season!  Very satisfying to start, finish and enjoy a quick craft!


  1. Fun to see what you guys are up to this week...

    (Will I ever be able to see Dad's socks jacked up like that without sighing in consternation?!)

  2. Would Bill be able to build you a stand to get your loom up to the right height? It doesn't look very safe on the bed somehow!

    That yarn is very pretty - did you dye it!

    I should be getting my frame on the weekend! Can't wait to play!

  3. I have 1/3 of a waffle weave towel warp measure out, and that's been done for a couple of months now. I envy you the chance to weave.

    I can see why you decided to reknit the gloves.

    Have fun at the loom!!!

  4. good idea to put the loom onto the bed - putting the warp on is always a hassle! I like the yarn colours - just right for a little girl! and thanks for the deco idea - I just "found" two packs of those sticks in my stash... bought them originally to make "chocolate stirrers" but bought way too many!

  5. Is it possible for you to sit on a low stool to thread your loom, so you wouldn't need to lift it up on your bed? I use an adjustable piano seat that works great, as I can change the height for different weaving tasks. If it would work, you wouldn't need to have help lifting the loom onto the bed, or have the weight of it on the bed and could warp whenever you wanted to.


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