Monday, October 10, 2011

A week Ago

 Caleb brought his girlfriend to meet us last Monday, and we spent the day getting to know each other.  My camera batteries were dead-I borrowed Caleb's camera, my computer wouldn't download his pictures, he left his camera at Cassandra's house, I just got them from his FaceBook page-talk about crazy-but the day was just perfect so here is the record just a week late!
 We had fun spotting gators and enjoying the beauty of the ride.
 Caleb did a bit of this until the old skis left a blister on his foot!  He only fell once this time!
 We enjoyed a great meal together on the patio of Corky Bells.
 This bench is a tradition now for pictures!
 Isn't this egret majestic?  There were many birds hunting along the shore .
And several in the air!  They race along side of the boat and then finally go up above the trees.

We finished the day with some table games and a very grateful heart for God to bring a wonderful friend into my son's life!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful day together. I can't wait to meet her in just a few days!!!

  2. Thank you for spoiling us last week!! Glad you finally got to meet Cassandra :) love ya, Caleb

  3. Isn't it dangerous to water ski where there are aligators? I can assure you no one (in their right mind) would do it where we have salt water crocodiles!

    How lovely to spend time with Caleb and a special friend.


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