Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Home Fire is Burning

 Bill is working on getting the fireplace to the inspection stage and a test fire for the fireplace attracted a knitting wife and all four cats!  I am busy designing an oak surround and mantel for the fireplace-we have picked out the tiles already!
 PuffDaddy kept close watch on the sparks-he was quite mesmerized while the other cats settled right down for a nap!
I am knitting a free pattern using chunky yarn from KnitPicks.  This cold snap will pass in a few days but it sure feels good to have the fire going in the living room-I have wanted a fireplace for all of our 34 years!  Some dreams just never lose their appeal.  (No, the wood stove doesn't count-it isn't a fireplace, you know.)


  1. Beautiful! I look forward to sitting near that fireplace with you this Christmas. :)

  2. Horray for you! I love wood fires, and I would have been there with PuffDaddy watching the flames.

  3. progress - it's looking good! and no, I agree, a stove isn't the same, because you can't really see the fire! funny that the cat is so fascinated, but then so are many humans?


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