Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yup, Monday set the pace for the rest of the week........
I finished the ribbon yarn shawl (8' x 20" of silky deliciousness);

making progress on the pi shawl( it is now 14" across);
and finished up four more plastic totes:

We are even making progress on the arches-(we wanted curves not angles on our arches-think spanish style) so now just one more finish coat and we are completely finished!


  1. Hooray for accomplishments!!!

  2. Love both shawls and the bags look great!

  3. Love the shawl!!! Your bags are so cool!!! Great job getting all that knitting done. Looking good.

  4. Wow - so the secret is to start with a productive Monday? Perhaps I'll have to try that soon!

    Love the different colors of the totes!

    (And the arches are looking much improved!!!!)


  5. The ribbon shawl is beautiful. Congratulations!

  6. The house is looking great and of course your woven bags are always wonderful!!

  7. If I were to collect some of the colorful plastic bags I get, would be interested in them? I like your way of recycling!


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