Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arches of Triumph!

The arches are finished and they are perfect! It is indeed the triumph of the front of the house.

It is with great pleasure we now look down the veranda and savor the view!

The weaving had a few setbacks based on the rookiness of this weaver. I ordered a kit to weave cotton calls for 2 strands of weft; I wound all the colors into double stranded balls and then read that it calls for 2 strands of different colors -my hour of work required several hours to undo. I even enlisted Bill's assistance to unwind the doublestrand was raining out so he was inside and though he was unsure of the task, he gave it a try. His help sure saved me a ton of work and gave us quite a few laughs! I am ready to try weaving again tomorrow.

The warp is still on the warping board! (This looks way more colorful than the finished towel pictures so we will be learning about colorplay in weaving as well with this project!)
While I am busy, Nyki entertains herself, too. She digs in the rubber band supply when she is bored. She also hits the buttons on the phone so that it talks. And very often will empty this container of all of the pens......checking out the theory of gravity just to be sure.


  1. YEAH on the arches! The front of the house looks so nice, and relaxing. Ugh on having to undo all of your work. Phooey to that!

  2. Yay!! The arches are done!!! They look great!

    Bummer on the towel mistake. But love the towel colors! This will be a fun project to watch!!

    Bailey tests gravity every so often (every day at least) by dropping things off the bed.


  3. Wow, that's turning into quite the inviting veranda. And the symmetry of the arches DOES make a big difference.
    And, um, don't think I want to tackle the project of UN-winding those bobbins. They'd become cat toys instead.

  4. Lucky you had a willing husband! Still, no more fun than unweaving or frogging.

  5. This was a fun post all the way around!!!

    So glad the arches are exactly what you wanted...glad you persevered!

  6. The arches look just great!! :o) I'm sure you must be thrilled to have that FINISHED. :o)


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