Monday, August 10, 2009

Easy Weekend

Bill brought in some fresh ingredients from the garden and I put them in the pot-fresh spahgetti sauce with onions, banana peppers and tomatoes from our garden. I wish I could waft some aroma onto this picture for you!

Marsel shared a Greek Dressing with me and this idea of tossing some cucumber chunks with feta cheese for a wonderful dish. (I can spend time in the just isn't the highlight of my day. I do like a meal like this because it takes care of the next day's meal, too!)
I am speeding along on the shawl for Marsel...............440 stitches on a round now. (Actually it does move right along if you just keep knitting one stitch at a time!)
I have a new quilting job set up on the quilting frame!


  1. Yum!! Looks good!! I like to add a tomato sometimes to that cucumber/feta combo. A summer favorite around here!


  2. Yum -- I'd like to hire someone to make dinner for us now that school has started again and my afternoons are so short -- you're hired! :)

    The shawl is looking so pretty...


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