Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weaving Smells Good!

I was gifted some beautiful lavender from Marsel's garden.
I used 10/2 cotton in pastels for the warp (120 ends).
No shuttle used -just lay the dried stalks in place and change your treadle (simple plain weave.)

I wove it into a lovely mat for the smells so good!

I swept up the droppings and leftover blooms/leaves and made a little sachet.
And speaking of smelling good........our neighbor gave us some of her Sand Pears. They are not only ugly to look at but the skin and flesh are too hard for consumption fresh but when you simmer the fruit (skinned) for a few hours it yields a delicious and aromatic pear sauce!


  1. Not in a thousand years would I have thought of weaving with lavender as a viable weft!! Thanks for cluing me in!

  2. Pretty! Growing the lavender is worth it just for the scented buds...but it's even nicer to have a good use for the stalks, too! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. How cool, I've never seen that done before. I'll have to try that sometime with something growing. (Not much to choose from here in the city.) It's a great idea for something for a table, coffee table, etc.

  4. What a great idea!!!! I would have never thought of doing this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How does the lavendar hold up in those mats? When it dries does it still hang together (or is it dry when you're weaving?)

    The only people I've seen weave with plant materials seem to do fairly complicated prep work. (And I'm not always into fairly complicated prep work!!)

    Pears totally remind me of fall cooking. (A few more weeks of summer please!)



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