Saturday, August 29, 2009

Perking the Nest

The weaving goof was an easy fix this morning! Fresh eyes do make the difference! (The threads had just been pulled from their proper heddles-I didn't have to unthread anything.) In fact, I was able to weave the first towel today! (This is a summer & winter weave pattern; a kit from Cotton Clouds.) It is a bit much for a beginner like me but I am stretching myself and making my own way. It is interesting to see how the colors change according to the colors they cross. If it teaches me nothing more than expanding my color choices, it will be a success.
Bill and I planted some new bushes out front. It needed some color. Matching Croten bushes make just the right amount of color and size.
The bushes help to frame the front entrance. Things are shaping up out front.
We also planted some Mums..........I had so many of these on our farm in NY-it is nice to put some in here, too.
While Bill was getting some groceries this evening, I got the 'what if' bug! If I moved (and organized) my growing weaving mess, there would be room to set out the furniture and not have a mountain stacked in the middle of the room. Because it is a sectional, I could move all the pieces myself! (I first had to move all the heating/cooling duct supplies out of the way. They are now stacked in the spare room-to-be.)
I slid the loom over to the sliding glass door where I will have more light, and then that opened up the rest of the room for the sectional and recliner. It is very promising....a bit of the preview of the room to come.
Since I was on a roll, I changed the shelves in the family room; they didn't need to be scrunched together anymore. I moved the crockery to compliment them and am pleased with the new balance it gives the room.
I did need to wait for Bill's help for one item-the filing cabinet. After he got over the shock of all I did in his absence, he moved it for me and I could finish up the rearranging. Ah, it is good to have a bit of a perker-upper!
Nyki was a bit anxious with all my nonsense. She is surveying her new domain.


  1. Wow--superlady--I'm impressed--really looks great. I had a nice visit from your Mom, Marsel and the kids yesterday afternoon---great to see them. sharon

  2. Glad that getting the warp straightened out didn't involve re-threading anything!!! It looks great!

    You were so energetic! I'm amazed at all the furniture moving you did! Your loom and the sectional look very comfortable together....and your other changes to the house, both inside and out, look great too.


  3. Everything looks wonderful -- the joya of being brave -- I can hear you roar! ;-)

    Glad the weaving wasn't so hard to fix after all. It looks like a very different style from the other stuff you've done so far...but pretty as always!

  4. Stretching yourself is yielding a lovely piece of weaving. Congratulations!

  5. What a nice and comfortable looking room! So, what color are you thinking for the paint?

  6. The front of your home is looking so elegant!!!!
    I'm very impressed with your towels!!!! Can't wait to see them off the loom.
    You moved all that furniture by yourself. Good for you! Looks nice.


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