Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inside Creativity

While the men were outside working, I pieced the rest of the fat quarters I had in this pack to make some more disappearing nine patches-all ready to be pieced into a top--lap sized at 40 x 48".
I want to start a new project on the loom but couldn't bear to just toss the little bit of warp leftover from the lavender weaving, so I ripped up some fabric (3/8" wide) and made a mat with it-16" x 24"-all fringed and ready for use and I didn't waste the warp!
Pretty, isn't it?! I hadn't used fabric strips yet on the loom and did find I had to beat it quite a bit harder than any other weft I have previously used-but it was a good first-time project and I would like to explore this some more in the future. (The plan is for the new project, which is on the warping board, to go on the loom tomorrow!)
On my way to the mailbox, I discovered this fruit all over the ground under one of the palm trees. I had been told it was a date palm but haven't seen any fruit since we have been here. I came back to the house to get a basket and picked what was edible on the ground and asked the contractor (who is finally making progress) what they were. He took one, wiped it off and popped it into his mouth! Well, he said it was so good I tried one. Delicious! I mean it was the sweetest fruit I have ever tasted. Ever. As usual I went to the internet and looked them up-it only comes on a mature tree where there are both male and female trees in proximity. I guess they finally grew up! (The taste is a blend of peach/plum but sweetened 10x. Now I understand why the Bible describes dates as a treat. It is nothing like those brown things they sell in the store! )

In fact, when Bill came in from working out back with the tractor, I asked for help and he cut down the whole branch of dates for me. I washed them off, manhandled them to get the pit out (they are slightly smaller than a ping pong ball in size) and made some jam in my Breadman machine. It smelled so good while it was cooking! I will save most of it as a treat to share with other brave souls who are ignorant of this delicacy! If you are curious, just come and visit!


  1. You were productive!!

    That's great that you've discovered a new fruit!


  2. Seriously THOSE are dates??? I always wondered what the big thrill about them was in the Bible and elsewhere. I might have to come over to try them. I remember traveling through Indio, CA and they had a place that sold date shakes...just the thought made me gag but maybe if they are like this.....
    You HAVE been productive, quilting AND weaving.

  3. That is a lovely mat. I love "rag" rugs. My grandmother's cousin use to make them to sell and my family use to buy tons of them.
    My mom's house in FL had a lumquot tree (related to the kumquot) and we use to make jam from the fruit. They were tiny but very sweet.

    I have a Breadman that makes jam. I haven't tried that feature yet. I love it for breads and quick breads.

  4. Sounds delicious -- save some for us! :)

  5. The dates look absolutely delicious. I loved the rag mats you made with your left over warp. I too hate to toss away good yarn!


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