Monday, August 3, 2009

Mondays are Full of Promise

I find that very often Mondays set the pace for the whole week. I like to do a run through of cleaning to get it out of the way, bills also go out, and then the unfun things are out of the way for the rest of the week!

I discovered a mistake in the shawl I'm knitting for Marsel-somehow I had 9 sections (top pic)in my 8 section pattern! I gave myself an appropriate amount of moaning (1 minute) and then ripped it out and began again. I must admit it went faster the second time around! I am now beyond where I was when I ripped out, row 39 of pattern which means 78 rounds of knitting that is right this time (bottom pic)!

I finished weaving the ribbon yarn shawl and am working on the fringe. It is getting exciting to see one end done.
I also had many hours of discussion with the contractor to remedy the arches for the the front porch. He does like to do things the easy way but it just wasn't working out so Bill went to Home Depot for some more supplies to do it better/(right) and we will try again tomorrow. You can see he had the right idea but it didn't cut the mustard......-


  1. You get so much done! Wow, not sure I would have ripped that out and then gone on to restitch it. Looks good though!
    So what is the deal with the arches? The view sure is pretty.

  2. You are a good example...I never would have ripped that out...well, okay, I would have ripped it out, but then I would have stuffed it in a closet and been done with it! :) It will be so much fun to wear...

    The ribbon shawl looks beautiful -- pictures don't always give the true color, but it looks like all those hot shades that you wear so well.

    Yeah, the arches are "almost"...hope today is the day that the dream is finally realized once and for all!

  3. Isn't it great that knitting is so easy to rip out?! Even though it's a pain at the time, the rest of the project will go smoother so it's worth it!

    The ribbon yarn shawl looks cool!! I might need to become a shawl-wearing person!

    Don't you love it when contractors do that "almost" thing?


  4. I had to start over on the lace shawl I'm knitting too. A friend talked me into putting in life lines from time to time. so far I haven't used it (knock on wood).

    What do you plan on doing with your arches?

    Is the pretty shawl you just wove for you? Love it!

  5. ehm, I had a similar problem with lace a little while ago - I started with one stitch for each segment - and somehow cast on one too many! not wanting a wavy circle I had to rip too... but I only had about 10 rows! but it's just no good to leave it if you can't use the lace in the end!


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