Monday, August 1, 2011

Starting the Week Right

With a finished project!  The second corduroy scrap quilt-60" x 42", backed with polar fleece is done!
 I wrapped the back around to the front and sewed it down; this is the way my Grandmother always bound her quilts and I liked the connection!
The polar fleece was given to me, the front are scraps that I have had in a 'someday' pile for at least 15 years so it is a nice way to see the fabric put to good use!
Visit from mama sandhill crane.....
...and baby-they are both the same size but he hasn't gotten his red head yet.  It  has been wonderful to have them visit us several times a day asking for bread!
The bottle brush tree is in full bloom-isn't is pretty?!  I am thrilled with how it is growing!


  1. Love the colors and textures of the quilt...the bird is still adorable...and the tree is beautiful!

  2. I love the backing fabric on that quilt.

    Is your bottle brush in a pot? Some species grow quite large - ours would be a small tree if WM didn't keep pruning it severely!

  3. I had heard about bottle brush plants, but had never known what one looked like. Nice, bright flowers. How tall will it get?


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