Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene Waves Goodbye

Hurricane Irene just grazed our shores and sent us bands of rain and wind for 10-20 minutes at a time all morning.  When the sun came out, Bill and I headed to the ocean to see the waves!
We walked all around the Matanza Inlet and looked for shells, didn't find too many that weren't broken but I did find some sea glass.
 We took a lunch break at the South Beach Grill, eating on their deck and watching the waves and surfers.
Back to Matanzas we watched some young people play in the waves.  We were going to mark the spot if they got in trouble!  The waves averaged 10-15'-the wind kept the top of the waves in constant motion.
The next band of rain was heading toward us so we packed it up.
Made it to the car just in time.  Sometimes the ocean has a calming affect on us but today it was exhilarating and powerful-another facet reflecting  our Lord God!
Knitting coming and going to the beach.........making good progress!


  1. That pattern looks so good in those colours - it really pops!

    I don't think I'd want to experience a hurricane but watching the wild ocean would be exciting to me.

  2. gorgeous waves, I love high waves - but only when I am on safe land:)) I hope the rest of the country is going to be as lucky as you've been....
    are you just collecting the sea glass? or are you doing something with it?

  3. Wow, the surf is very impressive!

    My mittens are GORGEOUS! Almost -- only almost -- makes me wish winter would hurry and get here. :)

  4. Love, Love, LOVE the mittens! So glad to hear the hurricane passed you by! One of the last times I was at the beach it was storming and there were 3 little twisters on the water! Awesome to behold!

  5. I am surprised you got to go to the beach, but then, again, Irene hit further up the coast, didn't she?

    And I really like those mittens. Once I get really comfortable (as in finished with the first sweater), I want to make me some fancy mittens, too. I love the read and white - they remind me of red, transfer pattern dishes.


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