Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go Fish!

I finished the goldfish mittens!  I have never knitted a Norwegian style mitten before but have been hearing its siren call and when I saw this pattern, I knew it was for me!
They are very warm-two strands gives it a double thickness so it is funny to knit them when it is 100F everyday-perhaps they will hold the heat of the day in their wool!
 I began spinning up my last skein of the Spin A Long I am participating in.
Blue faced Leicester is a wonderful fiber to spin-I am looking forward to a good knit from this skein;
 I have read that it is also a good fiber for socks so I am going to give that a try with a KAL starting on Monday.
Bill has been keeping busy rebuilding his zero turn mower.  The mower pan had been rebuilt and he has spent the last few days putting it all back together-his victory lap around the yard was short lived-he snapped his drive belt for the mower and they have to order it-not a stock part!
As long as I was out, I strolled around the yard and noticed the ginger plant has a cone!
 And speaking of cones, the magnolia tree is loaded with cones-seed pods actually.
They are just so striking but will be even more amazing when they begin to turn to orange-I will keep my eye on the tree so I can show you.


  1. Those mittens are super-cute! What a fun pattern. I love the plum color of your new yarn, too.

    Poor Dad -- sometimes he can't win!

  2. I love those mittens - very cute.

    Never a dull moment around your place!

  3. I still haven't spun bfl, I heard it has a nice long staple and yours certainly came out beautiful. Is the cone on the ginger plant the part that goes to produce dept and is labeled fresh ginger? Or this one of those plants that is just pretty and has spice name?

    God is making sure Bill doesn't get bored with his retirement.

  4. Love the goldfish gloves! How adorable and the BFL is of course lovely as well. Enjoyed the walk around your garden too:)

  5. I have never see magnolia set seeds - they do look spectacular! never mind the ginger - I don't even get it to grow in a pot over here:))
    the yarn is lovely, one of my favourite colours, and I like BFL for nearly anything, because the yarns are so yummy, not only for socks. soft enough to wear against skin, but not easily damaged in socks either!
    the mittens are really lovely, I just can't see that you'd ever be wearing them in your temperatures:)) what do the cats think of those fishies???

  6. that plum color is beautiful--do you have a pattern in mind??Sharon


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