Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Plant Show

We took a trip to Lake Mary to visit friends and Becki and I went to a plant show/sale sponsored by her gardening club.  I bought a few plants but Becki had a dozen plants she had started and gave them to me-my yard is full of the generosity of my gardening friends!  (Thanks Sandy, too!)
Becki had found this cone of cotton yarn and saved it for me-wow, weaving, here we come!  The guys replaced the pool light-very fun to come home and see Tom holding Bill under water so he could stay under long enough to fix the light since they have a salt water pool, too, you are very bouyant!  We had a good laugh!
I managed to do some knitting on the way and even home in the dark!  A great day.


  1. Any of us who know Tom and Dad will laugh even harder at that really fits their goofy personalities!!! What a laugh!

    Glad you guys had a great day together. Enjoy finding new homes for your new plants (before the hurricane rains start to water them in)!

  2. Plants from friends and family are great reminders of love shared, aren't they?

  3. I can't believe it - can you imagine the thoughts of neighbours, seeing a guy "drowning" another?:)) that would be one of the occasions where I'd be good for nothing, because I'd have the giggles and wouldn't be able to stop...
    I hope your plants grow well for you, I am always taking cuttings for other people too, there's just not enough space left in my own garden!


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