Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Seeing Red!

 I might be seeing red, but not in anger!  Quite the contrary-I have enough left over yarn to make a matching headband.........
 because the Nordic mittens, Anne's Flower, are finished!  I blocked and dried them this morning!
 You would be seeing red if you took a walk in my yard now because it is full of flowers in bloom-all the red ones, which are our favorites!  This is one of a dozen of the canna lilies.
 Several of the hibiscus are in bloom.......
....even the buds are beautiful.
 The crepe myrtle are doing their thing.......
 even the Dogwood tree is putting out red berries!
 The magnolia tree pods are ripening and blushing prettily.
 The camphor leaves are dropping and turning red-this tree never loses all its leaves at once, they just fall and grow new ones all year round.
 The ginger pod is turning very red now-so pretty!
The bromeliads are in bloom, too.  I like to see this kind of red!


  1. Wish I were seeing red too! Congrats on the lovely mittens and bonus yarn! How lucky is that:) Enjoyed the walk through your garden too!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of red, and all pleasant things, too!

    The mittens are soooo pretty!

  3. it's interesting to see that you have so much red in the garden now - apart from dahlias (which I lost last winter:(() there is precious little red in flower here... spring and autumn are yellow and purple over here:)) and lovely mittens - the red is nice, too!

  4. That bromeliad is beautiful! We get pink ones that look like that, but I've never seen a red one before.

    The gloves are lovely. They's add a nice spot of color for the winter months, and for those of us who live with lots of snow, that red will make them easier to see when you've dropped them. :)

  5. Wow! those mittens are spectacular.

    Lovely flowers too!

  6. I love your mittens, and the hibiscus remind me of the ones my mom grew!

  7. Hi! Great blog. are your red ginger pods edible?


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